Saturday 10/6:

Teams of 2:
With a running clock of 22 min
Athletes must:
A. Find a combined total of a 3RM OHS
B. Complete AMRAP of
9 DB thrusters
6 burpees
3 box jumps
Only one athlete works at time, and they may use as much as the 22 min to do the OHS. Once they are satisfied with their weights lifted, they may move on to the amrap for the remaining 22 min. Tag team relay on part B. Only one athlete may work at a time.
Score = total weight of Part A + reps of Part B
Ex: (partner A lifts 135 ohs, and partner B lifts 115 = 250 lbs) (partner A and B complete a total of 9 rounds =9 reps between the two of them = 171 reps total) (Part A: 250 + Part B: 171= Total: 421) Score = 421
Saturday 10/6: