2017 Spring Paleo Challenge!

It’s time for a Paleo Challenge!

We all know that CrossFit – and exercise in general – can have incredible benefits for both health and body composition. You wouldn’t be a member here if you didn’t agree! Whether you come to class for athletic, health, or aesthetic goals (or all three!), exercise will only get you so far. Diet plays a much larger role than most people would like to admit, and if you are not feeding your body properly you are shortchanging yourself and your potential results. Ultimately, you will not achieve the outcomes you want (athletic and aesthetic) if you do not take nutrition and diet seriously because, the truth is, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Ok, so now that you are convinced that you should probably consider paying some attention to your diet, what can you do to get started? Do not worry, in LESS THAN ONE WEEK (!) we will be starting our 2017 Spring Paleo Challenge to help save you from your diet woes!


Cost: $125

Initial Dunk & WOD: Saturday, April 1st. 8am-1pm

Nutrition Seminar: Sunday, April 2nd. 1pm

Mid-Point Check In: Saturday, April 15th. 11am

Final Dunk & WOD: Sunday, April 30th. 8am-1pm

Partayyyyy!: TBD 🙂


What is a Paleo Challenge? For the month of April, participants will eat a ‘clean,’ paleo diet with the goal of improving fitness and body composition. To kick off the challenge you will have your starting body fat percentage measured in a hydrostatic dunk tank, do the ‘Filthy Fifty’ WOD, and attend our nutritional seminar to go over the details of the diet and challenge. Throughout the month, you will log your food and water consumption, track your sleep and workouts, and accumulate as many Challenge Points as possible each week on your own personal paleo challenge logbook Google Sheet. You will have access to our paleo challenge FaceBook page for recipe advice, feedback, and support, and attend a midpoint check-in to make sure you are on track. At the end of the month, your body fat percentage will be remeasured and you will repeat ‘Filthy Fifty.’ Then we celebrate with a paleo potluck party and the winners are announced!

How is it scored? Your total score is a combination of your Challenge Points (33%), body fat lost (33%), and muscle gained (33%). Challenge Points are counted on a weekly basis on your logbook Google Sheet. Points are accumulated by eating clean, meeting your water consumption and sleep goals, and working out (details will be provided at the nutrition seminar).

What if I can’t make it to the initial or final dunk & WOD days? No worries! The company we use for our hydrostatic dunk test has a schedule of their locations around Los Angeles. Let us know, and we can get you in touch with them to find the best time for you to get your measurements taken.

How can I sign up?! There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk! Hurry! The challenge starts this weekend! 🙂

2017 Spring Paleo Challenge!

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