It’s Resolution Time!


A brand-new year brings with it a new chance to start making positive changes in your life and rid yourself of things that just aren’t working for you. This Saturday evening, the clock will roll over into 2017, and millions of people around the world will begin the journey on their way to – let’s be honest – broken new year’s resolutions. 😐 It’s a sad but well-known fact that most resolutions are given up on before the month of January is up and lots before even the 1st day of January is done with!

So how can we make things different this year? How can we make the resolutions stick?

Make your goals specific.
“Lose weight” and “Get healthy” are common new year’s goals, but they’re actually quite vague. What does it mean to get healthy? What does that look like? A better, more specific goal would be to “Take CrossFit class at least 4x/week” and/or “Eat strict paleo for the month of January.” Both of these are actionable, something concrete you can do to work towards the result you’re after. When setting goals, don’t worry as much about the end result, and instead make your goal relate to HOW you’ll get there.

Don’t try to change too many things at once.
When new members join CrossFit Hollywood, they’re usually gung-ho to start the journey towards fitness. At this point, I usually counsel against changing their diets. I know it sounds counter-productive, but for the most part, it’s best to start small. First make working out a priority. Once that becomes a habit, then start to incorporate healthier foods. A lot of people will try to take on too many things at one time and get overwhelmed. Guess what happens then? All forward momentum stops. The same can be said for New Year’s goals. Try making goals that will build on one-another over the course of the year. For instance, maybe your goals are:

  • January: 4/x week CrossFit
  • February: strict paleo and continue CF
  • March: 85% paleo, continue CF, add in 2x week yoga via YouTube videos
  • April: etc, etc…you get the idea

It’s like a workout with a high number of reps to complete: break it up into small, manageable chunks from the beginning, and then each piece doesn’t seem so overwhelming.


Make a plan for failure.
Let’s face it: you will not be 100% on-the-money with every one of your goals. Life gets in the way, and that’s OK! But just because you have one set-back doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. Progress isn’t made or broken over the course of one set-back; consistency is King. Plan ahead of time how you’ll deal with any set-backs that you encounter, and give yourself permission to jump off the bandwagon then get right back on again.


It’s Resolution Time!

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