Thank you!


Dear beloved CrossFit Family!

Thank you to everyone who dressed up and came to our annual black-tie holiday party! We could not have asked for a better set up!

But I need to recognize a few people for this event. Because without them, we wouldn’t have had such an amazing event.

1st and foremost, Beth Ginsberg.
Beth has gone above and beyond for us for the past two years in a row for our holiday party. She doesn’t half ass anything *unless it starts with the letter “b” and rhymes with “herpes.” So, if you happen to see Beth in a class, please give her your greatest, most sincere gratitude for making our holiday party the most delicious holiday party imaginable. Feeding 80+ people is not easy, lucky for us Beth knows how to handle a show. We love you, Beth! Thank you.

2nd, I’d like to say thank you to George Sarkis!
He’s hooked up our holiday party spot two times now, and has never let us down! Offering up his amazing house, with an amazing view, and trusting us to not pee in his pool is greatly appreciated. Thank you, again! Without you and your generosity, we would’ve not had such an amazing event.

3rd, I’d like to thank Laura, Hannah, Aimee, Zoe for helping organize, delegate, set up countless meetings, pull together, set up, break down, and gather our event.
Without them, none of this would have come together. We have such an amazing group/family of coaches and staff! We have the luckiest bunch of members on the planet! I feel sorry for the people that don’t know any better! 😉

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the other volunteers, and members who helped donate funds, and help clean up or set up!
Our holiday party is one of our most favored events of the year! Coaches, staff and members all look forward to it, and we want to keep having these events be the best part of the year. With your help, we can continue to make this happen! So, thank you for all that you have done, and all that you do!
We do it for you, and couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Holidays!
Be safe, and stay fit!
2017 is the year of getting jacked and tan! Let’s do it right!
See you in the gym,


Thank you!

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