Ah, 6pm. The Golden Hour. That glorious time of the day when tomorrow’s workout gets announced. All of the suspense of the day is lifted cuz here it is!

But crap. It’s overhead squats??? And dangit! I hate <running> (or insert your most dreaded movement).

What do you do when you’re not excited about what’s coming up the next day? Do you decide a rest day is in order? Do you come and hope there’s room in the Burn class next door? Or do you brace yourself and do the workout anyway? (Hint: there IS a correct answer.)

Most of the time when we really hate a particular movement, it’s because we’re not very good at it.  It’s super fun to do things when we’re crushing it(!) – not as fun when we struggle. If mobility is an issue, overhead squats are certainly gonna feel really uncomfortable. If getting your heart rate up makes your lungs feel like they’re burning, a running WOD will not be a day at the beach.

But guess what? The more you do those things that are not currently fun, the better you’ll get at them! Think of the things that you struggle with not as something to be dreaded, but as an opportunity to improve. And even better, the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Because when it finally clicks, there’s no better feeling in the world!

Our goal in CrossFit is to make you a well-rounded athlete. We don’t want to focus in on any one area because we want you to be strong across-the-board. And if you are consistently skipping a certain movement or movements – well, there’s gonna be a big hole in your game. So the next time you see OHS on the board, use it as an opportunity to improve your mobility. Or if a mile run time-trial comes up again – heck, maybe you can beat your last score. Whatever the movement may be, come into it with an open mind – you never know if today is the day it’ll get better!

There’s no cherry-picking in CrossFit.


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