Respect the Process

One of the best things about CrossFit Hollywood is how highly we value the quality of our coaching- it is our biggest priority. Everything we do as a gym is, in some way or another, to be able to provide this to our members. There are so many factors that contribute to how successfully a class is run, but one aspect that we often take for granted is the size of the class. CFHW is not one of those gyms that has 30+ person classes where you can easily hide in the back with bad form and get away with it. We want each of you to have the coach’s attention to ensure that you are both safe and improving your movements. This is why CrossFit Hollywood caps its classes at 12 people per class (or even fewer in the supplementary classes we offer in the annex!).

We all reap the benefits of small class sizes, but ultimately this system of capping class only works if you, as members, make sure you are following our protocol for signing up online through MindBody (which hopefully everyone is familiar with by now!). If you can’t seem to remember back to your 3rd Elements session when this protocol was explained to you (some of you have been here for many years… so we understand 🙂 ), here are 3 simple rules to follow:

  1. Register for class in advance. We cannot emphasize how important this is to our coaches. We rely on seeing the class list ahead of time so we can properly prepare our warm-ups and the logistics of the class. We also hate having to turn people away if the class is overfull, so don’t make us do it! Register in advance.
  1. Cancel classes you are registered for but cannot attend. If you have signed-up for a class but realize you aren’t going to make it, don’t worry! MindBody will allow you to easily cancel a class. It might seem like an inconvenient extra step, but canceling classes you aren’t going to be able to attend opens up that spot for another member. Be respectful of your fellow CFHW’ers and make sure you don’t no-show! You can also call the front desk if you are unable to access MindBody and we will happily cancel your class for you.
  1. Show up on-time. Speaking of showing up to class, please make sure you do so ON-TIME. We program our warm-ups to make sure that your body is ready specifically for the WOD that day, and missing parts of it are putting you at risk for injury. You also might not realize how distracting it is as a coach to be mid-warm-up when a straggler comes in. It is not fair to the rest of the class (who were there on-time!) to distract the attention of the coach. So please, as much as possible, make sure you are ready for class to start on the hour. You can even come in early to roll-out!

MindBody makes it super easy to sign up for classes in advance, check the availability of a class if you are coming last-minute, and cancel classes you have signed up but can’t attend. It can be accessed in two ways. 1- through our website on any internet browser on computers, smart phones, or tablets or 2- through the MindBody Connect app. Please use it!!

Just a friendly reminder that (per your contract) we reserve the right to charge a $10 late-cancel fee if you do not show up for a class you are scheduled for. Please don’t make us resort to this! Of course we understand that things come up (particularly traffic issues-thanks Los Angeles!). If you know you are going to be late or cannot attend a class you are signed up for, just call and let us know. 🙂



Respect the Process

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