I know you’ve been there: the coach asks everyone to grab a box for the workout, and you start with dread toward the hovering tower in the corner. You want the 20″ box and scope things out. What’s that? Yay! There’s a 20-incher on top – maybe this won’t be so hard after all! You grab for it and start to pull. It doesn’t give way. You pull even harder. Nothing. You tug at the velcro on one side to unleash it. Surely that’ll be enough to get the box to come loose! Nope. It’s stuck to the tower like Ben Stiller’s franks ‘n’ beans to a prom-pants zipper. Other members come to your rescue and try to unlatch the other velcro strips WHILE you pull and WHILE the entire tower of boxes is tipping at a hazardous angle. FINALLY you have your box! …aaaand now you get to repeat the process over and over to help other people free their boxes.

What if I told you there was a better way???

The soft boxes have velcro for a reason. They’re designed to stack together when you’re trying to jump really high. We want them secured tightly so that you are safe going for those max effort jumps without the boxes slipping out from underneath you. They do not, however, need to be secured so tightly when they are stacked in the corner.

When putting your boxes away, instead of stacking them all right-side up (and thus causing them to secure to each other by nature of their design), try alternating between right-side up and upside down. It goes like this:

  1. Person 1 stacks their box in the corner right-side up to start the tower.
  2. Person 2 turns their box over and stacks upside down on top of person 1’s box.
  3. Person 3 goes back to right-side up.
  4. Person 4 goes upside down.
  5. …and so on.

If you continue in this fashion, you’re putting the felt sides of the boxes together and the fastener sides of the boxes together. Guess what? The boxes then don’t stick together, and they’re much easier to slide in and out!!!

So next time, please pay attention when stacking your boxes. If you stack ’em nicely for the class after yours, maybe they’ll continue the cycle and it’ll be an awesome pay-it-forward moment that comes back to you next time!  🙂



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