Fuel Your Body Good

We all know that CrossFit – and exercise in general – can have incredible benefits for both health and body composition. You wouldn’t be a member here if you didn’t agree! Whether you come to class for athletic, health, or aesthetic goals (or all three!), exercise will only get you so far. Diet plays a much larger role than most people would like to admit, and if you are not feeding your body properly you are shortchanging yourself and your potential results. The truth is, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

There is some truth to the cliché that your body is like a supped-up, expensive sports car and that you should fuel it accordingly. You wouldn’t put crappy gasoline into your expensive car and expect it to perform and function to its capacity, so why would you do it to your body? You cannot expect your body to perform (or look) like a sports car without feeding it appropriately.

You might be thinking, “But I work so hard in class!” It can be tempting to use your workouts as an excuse to eat poorly, but coming in here with a calorie-burning mentality and using exercise to justify eating those yummy donuts will inevitably limit your results.
Ultimately, you will not achieve the outcomes you want (athletic and aesthetic) if you do not take nutrition and diet seriously.


(And, ahem, now that you are convinced that you should probably consider paying some attention to your diet, what can you do to get started? Sign up for our upcoming Partner Paleo Challenge! Whether you are new to CrossFit or are an old-school member, the Paleo challenge is a great opportunity to fine-tune your nutrition and workout schedule to really get those results you want. The challenge starts this Saturday (9/16) and ends Saturday, October 22nd. Sign up at the front desk next time you are at the gym!)

Fuel Your Body Good

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