One of the great things about CrossFit is that our workouts are measurable.  When you’ve finished your WOD and are lying in a pool of your own sweat gasping for air, you have a score to remind you of your accomplishment.

This score is important for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, it creates an element of competition to boost your intensity level during your workout (intensity, after all, is the element that gets you the results you’re looking for).  Knowing how fast someone else finished the workout or how much weight they lifted makes you work that much harder to finish faster or lift heavier.

But even more importantly, this score allows you to track your own progress over time.  You can see tangible results that the work you’re putting in is making you stronger and faster and overall more awesome.

Recording your workouts is also helpful and applicable to future workouts that come up.  If you write down the weight you used in a workout and also a little note about it (ie “this weight felt liiiiiight today – I can definitely go heavier next time” or “this was really a struggle today; I think this is a good weight for me for awhile”), it will help you know what weights you should be using for those lifts in future workouts.  Or say today’s WOD involves Power Cleans at 75% of your 1RM -how will you know what weight to use if you don’t know what weight you’ve done in the past?

It’s also just plain fun to look back and see where you were when you started.  I used to write down in a notebook every workout I did when I first started CrossFit.  I came across that notebook the other day and got a good giggle over the reps I did, the weights I used, and the notes I made to myself.  🙂

The problem is: this second and more important reason only works if you’re keeping track of your workouts!  The score gets erased from the whiteboard in a day’s time, so you need to be proactive to record it somewhere you’ll be able to access it again someday.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • Old-skool: grab a notebook and write everything down.
  • Download an app from the app store and keep track on your phone.  I’m not super familiar the app selections, but I’ve heard a lot of people use myWOD and seem to like it.
  • Sign up for an account on and join CrossFit Hollywood’s gym.  This is free with your CFHW membership.

So TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS!  No excuses!  Do it!



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