Introducing an all new promotion from CrossFit Hollywood: the Product of the Month! This is a new program we’re implementing as a way to educate you lovely folks about the stuff we’ve got available behind the counter – what it is and why we carry it.  Since we only offer products we truly believe in, we want to tell you more about why we think it might be in your best interest to try ’em out. Each month, we’ll feature a different product available for sale, and the best part is you’ll get 10% off that product for the entire month!  Excellent opportunity to give it a shot.

Our first Product of the Month is…drumroll, please!…WODies!!!

WODies are great for a myriad of reasons.  Not only do they support your wrists and protect your palms during WODs, but their breathable material also absorbs sweat and chalk to improve your grip, making it easier to hold on to the bar. They are specifically designed to prevent hand tearing and support your wrists at the same time – great for a workout with combo movements, such as pull-ups and overhead squats.

They come in four different sizes to fit all hands – and, to ensure a secure fit, the finger holes on all WODies start out small so that you can cut them to match your exact finger size.  Just ask the front desk staff to help you figure out which size is right for you.

WODies are 10% off NOW through the end of September. Pick up a pair at the CFHW pro shop!



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