Nerding Out on Fitness 2

Hi Ya’ll,

I originally wanted to track the 12 Days of Xmas WOD. However, somehow my heart rate monitor didn’t record all my data during the workout…


Well… If we always cut perfect pork chops then we wouldn’t have hot dogs.

So I decided to track the calories burned during the cool down phase  of a workout. I exercised for a total of 35 Minutes before I  took a D.N.F on the workout. Once again the numbers were higher than I thought. All I did was drive home, make food, shower, and I burned 275 Calories. It is amazing that you can burn almost 300 Calories  in 30 minutes just by cooling down from an intense workout. This shows the importance of taking a post workout recovery supplement, and for eating an entire meal soon after that.

35 Minutes of High intensity Exercise

(12 Days of Xmas)

30 Min Cool Down- 

Calories Burned- 275

Average Heart Rate- 108 bpm 

Max Heart Rate- 131 bpm

-See Ya’ll next WOD when I track  an entire workout and 1 hour cool down.




Luke Elick



Nerding Out on Fitness 2

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