Nerding Out on Fitness

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing my results from Tuesday’s WOD. It was a hard day that is for sure. One EMOM is hard enough, but having two and one with Burpees is a whole lot of fun 🙂

The weights I chose were not the prescribed weight. I don’t get to finish many WODs RX, and it is not a big deal to me. I don’t exercise so I can be the fastest time of the day. I am just trying to get a sweat on and release some endorphins. I scaled today because I need more practice with my hang clean, and my snatch. Yes my 1 rep max is heavy for both, but that wasn’t my goal today. I wanted to make sure that with every movement I was striving for correct form. If I had gone heavier then my form would have fallen apart by the 3rd minute.

Even with the scaled weight I was wrecked after this  workout. I measured my heart rate from warmup to cool down this time. In total I clocked 57:05. My results just blew me away. My average heart rate was 149 BPM and with a Maximum heart rate of 184. During that time I burned 911 Calories! WOW! I had no idea that  a CrossFit WOD burned that much. Next time someone tells you that Olympic Lifting doesn’t burn a lot of Calories, you can tell them they are full of it.


Activity Time -57:05

Calories Burned- 911


10 Min EMOM

3 Hang Power Clean-  135

10 Min EMOM

3 Snatches- 95

Remainder of time Burpees

Score :19 Burpees Total

See everyone next time with the 12 Days of Xmas WOD.


Luke Elick



Nerding Out on Fitness

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