Courtney crushing at CFHW’s first Open Sandwich Open Kettlebell Competition

It’s about time. Courtney’s been with us forEVER. She has the most entertaining burpee we’ve ever seen, is super strong and has recently been crushing at Kettlebell Sport. When she’s not at CFHW, she’s studying law at UCLA, which may explain her disappearing for stretches at a time. So, ladies and gentlemen: COURTNEY HAVENS!!!!!!

Name: Courtney Havens
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 26
Profession: Law Student

How long have you been a member at CFHW?

A little over 2 years.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?

I’ve always been athletic, but Crossfit definitely helped me push myself, and set goals. Plus, I had never really been comfortable around weights before. Prior to coming to CFHW I was basically stuck in a cardio rut–I would run or swim about 3 times a week. And now I throw heavy stuff around all the time! The diet thing has been huge too. When you really push your limits you can feel the difference between eating healthily and not.

What is your athletic background?

I played water polo all through high school and college.

Favorite WOD:

Michael. It’s the first WOD I Rx’ed.

Favorite Lift:

Oly lift? Power snatch.

Least Favorite WOD:

Annie. Or anything else with a ton of double unders.

Least Favorite Lift:


What are your proudest achievements?

Finally being able to do a pull up! It took me over a year, and it was something that growing up I thought I would pretty much never be able to do.

Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit?

Now that I have pull ups my next goal is to Rx Fran. I’m also training for a kettlebell competition in February.

Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started?

Work on your mobility every time you work out. You’ll be less sore the next day, and your lifts will get better. Oh, and listen to the coaches, it will make your life easier.

Favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?

It’s a cliche, but: In ‘n Out.


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