In-Haus Rules Update

Welcome to CrossFit Hollywood. Some of you have been here for a minute and some of you are just now getting to know the family!
Back in the original days of CrossFit Hollywood, we had to establish a list of “rules” of proper gym etiquette to make sure everyone is courteous, the environment is safe and everyone can get along!

Here’s a list/refresher of our in-haus rules:

1. When coach talks, you shut up. This is important because it’s rude to talk over people. You might miss something important. Usually we’re saying something that is going to make you better… so listen! We’re very interesting. This also applies to the athletes who have been with us for a long time. Even though you might be confident in the workouts, and that you know what we’re going to say, there are other people in the class that might be newer to the subject and might not know what they’re doing yet, and it’s hard for them to hear the coach trying to talk over you.

2. Clean up after yourself! This is important because it keeps the gym clean. It keeps people safe and healthy. It’s rude to sweat all over stuff, and not clean it up. It’s rude to leave your stuff out, and not clean it up for the next class.

Remember to wipe off *ALL* your equipment: including barbells, ab mats, wall balls, kettlebell handles, rowers, sweat puddles, and boxes! If you take care of your equipment, your equipment will take care of you!

3. No Whining! Yes, it sucks sometimes, but try to stay positive. Nobody likes a whiner. This is your workout time but it is also other members work out time too. Nobody likes to hear someone complain about the work they are inevitably are going to end up doing anyways. Be strong. Your thoughts and words define you as a person. Try to say positive things.

4. Don’t complain about our shitty music! I actually prefer if you DO complain if it sucks. I call it constructive criticism. I also recommend playlist suggestions! Make a playlist, and tell the coach you made it! We love that stuff.

5. Show up on time! This can be tough. Especially due to LA traffic. Just try to make it on time and be safe on the road. If you DO end up being late, you must complete 30 burpees before entering the group warm up *unless instructed otherwise by the coach. Out of consideration for your coach and fellow athletes you will not be allowed to join class if you are more than 10 minutes late. Thank you for your understanding!

6. Take your personal belongings home with you! Once a month we take all of the lost and found stuff to GoodWill. Make sure you take your stuff home!

7. Make sure you check in upon arrival! It just keeps things running smooth. It also helps us out if we ever need to know who was in class for any reason.

8. Don’t check your phone during class. It’s rude! Put your phone away for 1 hour and pay attention. Focus! Unless you’re filming yourself performing a lift or something, your boss can wait. Take care of yourself first, then worry about your phone problems later.

9. Clean up after yourself in the bathroom! If you got water all over the counter, wipe it off! If you pee on the seat, clean up after yourself! Throw the waste into the waste basket! Please remember not to throw any feminine products into the toilets please!

10. Don’t dust our rooms down with chalk. Keep it over the buckets as best as you can! Our staff thanks you for your efforts!

11. Don’t drop empty bars, bars that only have metals plates on them, or bars that only have a single 10 lb plate on each side. Each bar costs about $500 and they will break without proper care. Please be as cautious as possible. Don’t get me wrong: ALWAYS save yourself over the barbell. But in a controlled situation, try not to drop those bars.

12. Don’t be stinky! Some people’s noses might be more sensitive than others, and everyone enjoys the scent of their own musk…but please wear deodorant, and wash your clothes. Don’t come to the gym wearing the same stinky gym clothes. Don’t be the smelly kid in class. Nobody deserves that. We don’t care what you do at home, just please be courteous of others. Put deodorant on and wear clean clothes. Please.

13. Last but not least, cheer others on! Everyone loves getting love from their fellow athletes. If you give it out, you can bet you’ll get it back!

We hope to keep CrossFit Hollywood as safe and clean as possible for all our members! Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns or ideas for more etiquette rules.

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